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Business Enthronement

A Business Enthronement has generated many blessings for small, medium, and very large businesses alike. By Enthroning Christ as Head of an establishment, the business publicly recognizes Him and His rights to intervene in their personal lives and in all their dealings in the business world.​ ​

Dear Mr. LoVasco,

Since the spring of 2009, our company has struggled to survive, housing down 50%, automotive depending on the government for bailouts, too much capacity in our industry driving prices down and on and on.

On the 27th of April this year, we invited any employee who was interested in the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at Four Star to join us. There were about a dozen, not all Catholic, for an hour of prayer and inspiration from you.

Since turning the reigns over to our Lord, we have experienced  sales growth over 2010 an average of 30% per month, April sales were flat, May we were up 27% and as high as 42%. All we ask when we come to work each day is for a chance to work hard and compete. It is no accident that things are turning in the right direction. Being able to give the unknowns and fears to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is the healthiest way to do business.

Today the Picture of Jesus and Mother Mary along with the Enthronement Covenant hang at the end of the hallway in our home office, where you cannot miss it.  There is not a day that goes by that I don't look forward to seeing it. The employees at Four Star Transportation Co. thank you and look forward to your annual visit.Michael C. Leoni

Testimonial Letter from Four Star Transportation