• 12 months consecutively
  • You will receive a separate receipt for your donation to our 501(c)3 not for profit organization.
  • Prayers are said for your loved one by name each hour between 9PM and 6AM (9 times)

Memorial Donations

  • The Men of the Sacred Hearts will send a letter to the person you designate acknowledging your gift of prayer.​
  • A perfect way to pay tribute to your loved one’s memory

The names of those memorialized will be inscribed in our rememberance book.

Sanctify Their Spirit. Honor Their Memory.

First Friday Night Adoration

Prayer Memorial.

To make a Memorial Honorarium by credit card please click HERE.

To request a memorial envelope be mailed to you click HERE.

  • The First Friday of every month

The Men of the Sacred Hearts understand the only true solace when mourning the loss of a loved one is the knowledge they are now with the Lord. The First Friday Night Adoration Prayer Memorial is a wonderful choice to sanctify the spirit and honor the memory of a relative, family member, or acquaintance.