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Blessing the Men of the Sacred Hearts received in 1973.

  • Father Mateo’s desire was to spread “The Twelve Promises” St. Margaret Mary received from Jesus by enthroning an image of Jesus’ Sacred Heart in a place of honor in the home.
  • On June 5, 1907, Pope Pius X granted Father Mateo an audience in which he presented the picture of Jesus’ Sacred Heart to the Holy Father. Pope Pius X commanded that Father Mateo devote his life to “this work of salvation,” then stated, “May God confirm what He has done in you.”  (To view an historical presentation on Fr. Mateo click here.)
  • Fr. Larkin was Fr. Mateo’s protégé who worked throughout the USA and Canada to promote the Mission of the Sacred Hearts.
  • Fr. Larkin recruited and trained Mr. John LoVasco in 1964.
  • John Cardinal Dearden, then serving as Archbishop of Detroit, approved the Men of the Sacred Hearts apostolate in 1964 with our founder, John L. LoVasco. Mr. LoVasco’s leadership has served as the foundation upon which our ministry is built.

Our History