Saturday, August 26, 20L7

St. Lawrence Catholic Church

44429 Utica Road, Utica, Ml48317

Retreat Theme:

Rekindle the Fire for the Soued Heart of Jesus!

8:00 AM: Coffee and baked goods

8:30 AM: Holy Mass with Fr. Roman in the Church

Entrance Procession lead by MSH

First Reading, MSH

Prayers of the Faithful, MSH

After Holy Mass, Fr. Roman will Consecrate the new members to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and renew the existing members Consecration. The ceremony will include a laying on of hands and the blessing of
the Sacred Heart pins (new members will get their pin at the Holy Mass, existing members should bring their pin).

9:30 AM: Fr. Roman's Sacred Heart Devotion Reflection: "Rekindling the Fire for the Sacred Heart of Jesus", will be held in the social hall.

11:00 AM: Closing comments by MSH Board of Directors

Kerry Schaeffner, President: Comments and Observations

David Tay: State of the MSH today

11:30 AM: Dismissal and clean up